Shaun Axani — Creative Technologist.


I’m a creative technologist and storyteller based in New York and Toronto. With a film and music background, I went to grad school at ITP at New York University (class of 2016) to explore interactive storytelling, mobile development and physical computing. I’ve made toys for children with disabilities, laser cut fungus for fridge magnets, tracked data related to cultural appropriation on social media, and created an interactive music making device based on the beat at which users are walking. My heart found its way back to stories and my thesis project, Quinn, was a hybrid between interactive theatre and escape room gamification. The first act of the story was featured at the Tribeca File Festival in April 2016, and I’m actively working to expand the project to a full-length experience.


I remain engaged in social equality and environmental issues, in conjunction with my passion for making storytelling a two-way conversation between creator and consumer, and my post-ITP work reflects that. I also hope to start a New York-based band that knows how to bring the rock.


And that’s my dog, Howard. He’s great.

Things I like.

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