The lead character Quinn

Role: Co-creator, co-writer, UX and game designer, technologist

Tasks: Story development, Lead game development, remote control fabrication, video/audio production, experiential designer, coding

Technology: Python, JavaScript, node.js, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Pro Tools, Premiere, Eagle, Othermill, Laser cutter, LCD Displays, Capacitive Touch Sensors

Refuge is an interactive game and story experience that played off broadway in New York. In an alternative reality, 2017, issues concerning climate change have been greatly accelerated, and poverty and natural disasters are much more prevalent than today. Alex Ayers, a successful businessperson, has flourished despite the catastrophe, and she's giving players a chance at a new life, in her new self-sustaining facility she called Refuge. Users must battle in a cutthroat competition to please Alex Ayers and earn entry into Refuge. They partake in business-focused challenges where they learn about her life, her aspirations, and her polarized worldview.