The Quinn Experiments

The lead character Quinn

Role: Creator, co-writer, UX and game designer, technologist

Tasks: Coding, custom circuit design, fabrication, video/audio production, experiential designer

Technology: JavaScript, node.js, Web sockets, d3.js, Arduino, Pro Tools, Premiere, Eagle, Othermill, Laser cutter, Neopixels, Bass transducers, fingerprint scanner

The Quinn Experiments is an interactive experience that combines immersive performance with escape room-inspired gamification. It takes an interchangeable story and lets users determine their own fate. Participants are equipped with headsets and act as the main characters: technicians who enter a mysterious laboratory and bring an artificial intelligence system back online after an unknown mishap. Their employer guides them along in headphones. As more information is uncovered, the users must decide who they can trust in order to survive.

Here I am discussing the project and the immersive storytelling questions I was trying to answer:

Press for the project from Vice and The Verge.