IDEO/Orbia Lab

The logos of IDEO and Orbia

Role: Creative Technologist

Tasks: Full stack engineering, dev ops, user-centered design, hardware design, project management

Technology: MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node) + GraphQL, AWS, Heroku, Gatsby, React Native

Reknowned design thinking agency IDEO partnered with Orbia, a purpose-driven global infrastructure company, to create a venture lab that would design new digital products and services that were good for the company and good for the world. I was fortunate to be the first employee hired in the lab, based in the IDEO office in San Francisco.

Team meeting with members from Orbia

Shaun brainstorming based on interviews with experts

We were a small team of four who would recruit domain experts from the IDEO roster as needed depending on the projects. We worked with different Orbia departments to identify opportunity areas. We spoke with customers to understand customer needs, and we designed and prototyped solutions.

A vent design with lights to notify people the furnace filter needs to be changed.

Some of our work included a marketplace for second-life batteries from electric vehicles, a community-based app to connect municipalities to each other working to solve water infrastructure issues, a next generation inhaler, and a revolutionary indoor air quality solution.

A clip from a video overviewing the Everypilot Water Utilities community app