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Role: Post production director, composer

Tasks: 360 camera stitching, video editing, compositing, special effects, spatial music composition, music recording

Technology: Autopano, Premiere, After Effects, Pro Tools

Bayberry is a VR film created by Lio Mehiel and Alex Heller.

The year is 1987. Before moving out of his childhood home, a guarded, young gender-queer person must share his true identity with his father. Bayberry is the name of the house, our story, and the young man who serves as your guide in witnessing this coming out moment between father and child. He will accompany you as you are surrounded by the characters' contradicting painful memories and hopeful visions of the future.

I did all post-production stitching of the cameras (shot on a GoPro rig), edited the film, did all special effects and compositing. I also wrote the soundtrack for the film, inspired by the eeriness of the Bayberry home, and meant to be heard in a spatial audio environment.