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20120302_rtalogoThere’s a very real and instant gratification that comes with seeing immediate understanding in the expressions of students. As a student at the RTA School of Media, I appreciated the technical instructors more than almost anything. In such a hand’s on program, it was important that we learned about the equipment we were using, and that that equipment worked when we needed it to. I was able to establish myself as a very knowledgeable person around there, and just over a year after graduating, I was invited back to be one of those technical instructors.

Ryerson has been an excellent place to work, and to master aspects of technology. When teaching, you need to master a piece of equipment to the point of knowing all common user or technical problems. Because you also need to be able to solve them. My job at Ryerson includes maintaining all audio and video equipment, teaching students and professors how to use the technology, and creating promotional materials for the program.

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Within the last two years, we’ve started an in-house production company at RTA, called
RTA Productions
. We make anything from promotional, to instructional, to hour long talk show styled video content for different departments and professors at Ryerson. It’s paid work, and staff advisors work with the best and brightest students to ensure professional quality output. With directions from the chair of the program and the production manager, I was the original person to take hold of the production company. I wore various hats including producer, production manager, and post-production supervisor. It ended up being an overwhelming success and there are now four people who work full time for the company. There was too much work for me to be able to accomplish on top of my normal job responsibilities, but I still consult and freelance producer large scale multi-camera projects. I was the supervising producer for the flagship show, The Naked Entrepreneur, which featured interviews from Bret Wilson, Debbie Travis, and John Sleeman among many other successful businesspeople.

I am thankful for the tremendous team of people I work with at Ryerson. They’re extremely knowledgeable, hard working, and also know how to have fun from time to time!