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My Musical Experiences

When my brother and I were four and six respectively, our parents bought us a drum kit and electric guitar. We spent hours just making noise with them, but at that age, we never put much dedication into learning how to use them correctly. It took about six years for us to have the maturity to actually want to get into music lessons. We were the kids in public school who always had the bands, always played at the talent shows, and always organized the local concerts. I was obsessed with music. I was going to be a rock star…or something.

Nirvana was a heavy influence.

Nirvana was a heavy influence.

I was too responsible to choose music over education, so music was always the second priority. I also was never really good at the rock star lifestyle, in fact, while people were partying, I’d be sleeping in the van. For those reasons, I’m not sure if I ever could have made it as a full time professional musician.

However, with the band Little City, I was able to check off many things on the ‘indie rock bucket list’. We were played on commercial radio, we were in rotation on CBC Radio 3, we had a real publicist, we turned down a label and a management company, we were written about in the biggest culture magazines in the country, we played Canadian Music Week and NXNE, and we booked multiple tours.


Little City’s music



Little City Live
Backstage directing the live stream.

Backstage directing the live stream.

One of the highlights of Little City was the album release show for our second EP. We worked alongside a student practicum group at Ryerson, and the documented our recording experience for the EP. It all amounted to a sold out show at 918 Bathurst in Toronto, and a live stream of the show. The live stream, as far as we can tell, was the first event streamed live online utilizing a 4G rocket stick. It was a wireless stream! The signal never dropped and it was a very smooth event. A promo of the event is below.


plugTO Trailer from Shaun Axani on Vimeo.


Though my present day focus is no longer on music, it will always have a place in my life. Due to my music background, I often get freelance video gigs working for local musicians, and I have to mix the music as well. I’m also currently working on a Paul Simon’s Graceland tribute band. It’s my favourite album of all time, and it’s a very unique challenge to play. So, likely in March 2014, you may see some video (an interactive one I’m designing) and some promos for a Graceland concert!