Eagle Schematic and Board View – Buzz on Silence

  I have worked with Eagle now which is super fun, and made a schematic and the board view of my circuit board to make the ‘buzz on silence’ project I designed for the first week. I am still brainstorming what to make next week for my first experience on the Other Mill, so didn’t […]

NYC: 2050 update

  NYC: 2050 – a short film outlining a day in the life of a family in Manhattan. That’s been our start point for the film, and we’ve been working through the process quickly…probably more quickly than ideal, due to deliverables for our Non-linear storytelling class. David and I are working together, and are both […]

Week 5: Guerilla Gardening Leverage Points

Group project with Crystal, Ludfi, and Nick. Extreme thanks to Crystal for the graphic treatment. Our points, both generally for the problem and specifically what Ron is doing is below: 12. Constants, parameters, numbers   Space for gardens, water access for growth, soil, labour time, driving distance to healthy food They are increasing the amount […]

Week 2 – All the fresh water (knowledge) one can find

  Since last week I fairly quickly focused on ideas (one of which I couldn’t really couldn’t get my mind off of), I thought I should take a step back. So, I tried to do much more reading about fresh water in general – situations happening in the world, and see if anything else caught […]

Week 1: Always On, Want to be disconnected

  I admit to being as attached to my phone as anyone else. My pocket feels bare without it, I check it habitually, without even consciously thinking about it, and when I have downtime, it generally feels like I have to use my phone…without it there is borderline anxiety. But I think I’m a bit […]

Week 1 – Fresh Water

  I’ve dug around through the references on our course syllabus, and from there began forming ideas or at least curiosities about fresh water. Fresh water is such a very vague concept that affects so many elements of human behavior, economical stability, sustainability, etc. It’s been tremendously altered world wide by climate change, damming, extracting, […]