Week 6 – Colors

  Since we were working in Processing this week, I really wanted to make something interactive. I wanted the user to be able to select the color, and then see the corresponding colors as well.   After experimenting with many different things, and seeing what I can do with hue, saturation, and brightness ranges, I […]

Week 5 – ITP Logo

The challenge: design a new logo for ITP. The current logo: So, the first thing that strikes me about the old logo are the ‘radio waves’ coming from the ‘i’. Not a bad idea, but analog frequencies are so 20th century! The issue I have with the entire challenge is that I don’t think ‘ITP: […]

Week 5 – Favorite logo

I mentioned this in week 1, my love for the Toronto Blue Jays logo. So I figured I should blog about it! So here is the timeline of the Toronto Blue Jays logo. The very first one was a keeper for nearly 20 years! The name ‘Blue Jays’ was selected from 2000 submissions for possible […]

Week 4 – My ‘Business’ Card

  My business card really lends itself to a more professional execution than what I was able to muster in the past week (for an affordable price). I am really confident in my idea, but also aware my final project looks like a primary grade school project. Cutting perfect circles is hard! But the idea […]

Week 3 – Typography

  All of my fonts are sourced from dafont.com, a site I’ve used ever since I started looking for fonts in my youth.   Now, all of them together, looking fun, strong, and stylish:   For my expressive word, I don’t know why ‘ESCALATOR’ resonated with me…it’s not like I have a history with the […]

Week 2 – Signage

  This week we had the unenviable task of WALKING AROUND NYC. We had to find good and bad examples of signage, and a by-product of that was really paying attention to all of our surroundings, and what this city has to offer us. I realized there was a really great beer store right across the […]

Week 1: Design Analysis

  I’ve always loved Hatch Print’s show posters, popularized in Nashville and eventually made for venues all over the United States. So, I decided to analyze one of them, from a Johnny Cash poster in Minneapolis. I hope it’s not considered taking the ‘easy route’, but since these posters were made using a screen printer, […]