Week 3: Experts and dirty water

  After getting frustrated over my system maps from last week, I needed to try to focus my research/thinking and find out more information about what I was most interested in. I knew I was most interested in drinking water and the unsanitary conditions worldwide. The statistics have been well documented by the World Health […]

Week 2 – All the fresh water (knowledge) one can find

  Since last week I fairly quickly focused on ideas (one of which I couldn’t really couldn’t get my mind off of), I thought I should take a step back. So, I tried to do much more reading about fresh water in general – situations happening in the world, and see if anything else caught […]

Week 1 – Fresh Water

  I’ve dug around through the references on our course syllabus, and from there began forming ideas or at least curiosities about fresh water. Fresh water is such a very vague concept that affects so many elements of human behavior, economical stability, sustainability, etc. It’s been tremendously altered world wide by climate change, damming, extracting, […]