Week 3 – Observation

  I thought I would consider the use of the subway, specifically the turnstile to get into the subway. It seems like a simple enough process: swipe your metrocard, the display tells you that you’re allowed to pass, then you go through the turnstile to the subway platform. I would at least assume that the […]

Week 2 – Lab practice – The Nuts and Bolts of it

A fun week of making circuits and beginning to work with the Arduino software! Following class last week, I utilized the RGB LED supplied with our Arduino kit because it immediately seemed cool that we could control the amount of each RGB level and thus change the color. So, I added potentiometers to each channel […]

Week 1 – Physical Interaction

Both Chris Crawford and Bret Victor’s writing have altered my thoughts on physical interaction. I’ll probably consider their messages well beyond the writing of this blog entry. I think my definition still needs finessing, but it goes something like this: Physical interaction is a conversation between two or more parties that utilizes a human’s inherited […]

Week 1 – The Scent Interface

  Jaclyn Wickham, Sergio Mora-Diaz and I revolutionized media consumption last week when we invented the Scent Interface. We’ve developed a way to store every scent known to man in a small scent distributor that attaches behind one’s ear on a wearable device. The ‘intensifer’ helps to add or take away the amount you’d like […]