Week 6/7 – Final Project

  In 2011, I produced/directed a music video for the band I played in, Little City. It was meant to be sort of an ‘ode to Toronto’ – four cyclists with cameras mounted on their heads weave their way through downtown Toronto, crossing paths and interacting with one another and their surroundings. At the end […]

Week 5 – Servers and Servi

Oh hey. This week I made a blog posting site. But! The catch is, instead of offering the standard ‘write about whatever’ this week, I provided 10 questions, randomly chosen, to inspire the writer to write about something that happened to them in the last week. Enjoy!

Week 4: JSON

  Here is my attempt at utilizing JSON. There was a meme generator, that, upon refresh, randomly generates 10 meme phrases in an array. I found three inspiring photos, and with a touch of a button, the user can load a new meme phrase until they have it just right.   ENJOY!

Week 3 – Master’s Degree

  Web video, and the ability to mimic it via javascript is very interesting to me, so I wanted to delve right into the video options. I edited together a little video really quickly for fun, and I just didn’t really know how to begin to do too much to the video itself. In theory, […]

Week 2 – Animation Program

For making an animation program, I wanted to accomplish two things: 1) I wanted to get an idea of what would go into make photoshop. 2) I wanted to make it very web compatible, meaning it re-sizes as your window grows or shrinks. So, I learned about displayWidth/displayHeight, which is pretty dynamic and awesome (though […]

‘As we may think’ – Response

  Vannevar Bush’s article, As We May Think, is a very interesting glance into the state of technological and scientific evolution directly after the Second World War. It gives insight into how a very informed and intelligent individual forms his ideas about what the future will look like. I was fascinated at how close Bush […]

Networked Media: Net.art

Here is my attempt at net.art, though I’m not positive I’ve abided by the constructs: