The Twitter Universe

  The Twitter Universe project was a struggle to make come together. I delved into learning about a very complicated and hard to parse API, Twitter, without maybe having the technical ability to do so. It was a learning experience, but mostly it was frustrating. I went back and forth from Processing libraries Twitter4J, to […]

ICM – Final Project Proposal – The Twitter Universe

The Universe Beyond Twitter is an interactive re-creation of our solar system, but the sizes of each planets are altered to represent the proportionate scale of the top trending stories on Twitter.   With large news stories happening in Toronto and Canada, and all the social media buzz that resulted from that, I became fascinated […]

Week 2: Interactive Animation

  Nick Bratton and I decided to start by making a version of a game that many of us probably played growing up: Pong! It seems to be the natural progression when starting to do an interactive animation (especially considering the bouncing ball examples). We fairly quickly got the gist of the game, minus the […]

ICM – Week 1 – My Starry Night

      I have some programming experience in Java, so I had the idea of wanting to at least push myself to write something where I could utilize a ‘for’ statement to repeat a shape. For some reason, much to the chagrin of art lovers, I decided to re-make Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Firstly, […]