Sensory Wall Updates – Getting close

  This project has progressed slowly due to the size of it, but I’ve also never worked so hard on an ITP project. Going into the week for the first deadline (Homemade Hardware for the circuits), here is where we’re at: – The animal shapes have been cut out on the CNC – it took […]

Eagle Schematic and Board View – Buzz on Silence

  I have worked with Eagle now which is super fun, and made a schematic and the board view of my circuit board to make the ‘buzz on silence’ project I designed for the first week. I am still brainstorming what to make next week for my first experience on the Other Mill, so didn’t […]

HH Week 1 – ATtiny85

  My first week back to physical computing, and I already spent most my time troubleshooting and having nothing work! For small projects in this class, I plan on having some fun with microcontrollers and sensors. My first idea has been about shaming people in bathrooms who don’t wash their hands (it’s way more of […]