Sensory Wall Updates – Getting close

  This project has progressed slowly due to the size of it, but I’ve also never worked so hard on an ITP project. Going into the week for the first deadline (Homemade Hardware for the circuits), here is where we’re at: – The animal shapes have been cut out on the CNC – it took […]

Digi Fab – Final Project Proposal

  Link to the Googles Slides. For Developing Assistive Technology, I’m working with Strivright, a school for children ages 2-5 with hearing impairment. They are renovating their current facilities, and are making two sensory rooms for their students to go into. My task, along with Xi Liu, and two Occupational Therapist students (as well as […]

CNC Project – Vectorworks sketch and Mastercam work

  For an RGB LED light I made for Homemade Hardware, I want to make a lighting enclosure for it. There are many potentiometers, switches, and an LCD display on the back of it, and 100 neopixels in the front. Here is my first attempt at this, and this part only goes to screen position, […]

Laser Cutting Assignment – Making fungus and cutting it

  This was such an interesting and fun assignment for me. Though the results aren’t fully there, mostly because myco board takes quite awhile to make,  but the process was enlightening. The goal was to use myco board (made from Mushrooms and woodchips) in the laser cutter. My original idea was to make an industry-level […]

Eco Friendly Light Panel

  I spent a lot of time this week considering what I was going to make. It hasn’t been the easiest process for me, not because I don’t think of a bunch of ideas, but because I seem to always want to address a need of my own, and because I’d like it to fall […]

Week 2 First Vectorworks Drawing

  I wanted to try something fairly complex for my first Vectorworks (which, given that my design ability on these types of programs kind of sucks, maybe wasn’t the smartest idea). I first was going to draw a guitar of mine, but it was rounded and didn’t follow an easy enough pattern to replicate it with […]