Hidden Voice – an AR story in development

  What if a film could play out around you in your bedroom, and, depending on how you respond, the story will be customized for your experience? The above question isn’t something that’s just easy to make possible…technical hurdles abound as it stands right now, particularly with my learning coding skill set. However, the technology […]

Final Project Ideas

  For my final project, I was (am still?) keen on creating an mobile app that will work towards minimizing waste. My big plan of Foodprint is still a work in process, and an app would only be the first step. I could work on developing learning/recognition algorithms for buying/selecting behavior, and it would hopefully […]

Coconuts: Using TI Sensor Tag with phonegap

  After stressing for weeks about humans destroying the planet, and focusing on how to write an interactive film and make an app for food waste dedicated to that cause, this past week I wanted to do something silly and fun. Monty Python is a good place to start for that. I was trying to […]

Midterm project – Foodprint

  Foodprint is a recipe finding app that creates a meal itinerary with zero-waste. The algorithm is still a work in progress, but the design has now been put in place with this midterm. It’s a simple three page layout. The first page is the ‘Planner’ page where you schedule how many meals you’d like […]

Midterm Ideas

  Midterm ideas:   I haven’t been incredibly successful with the homework assignments thus far, but learning about what we’re able to do with the technology has inspired me to think of ideas! I will outline some now.   1)    Zero-waste cooking app. This certainly be for everyone, but I think there’s a better way […]

Week 2: Concept for VidFlip

  The connected world takes and shares videos of what they experience like it’s air they’re breathing in. Whether it’s on instagram, facebook, youtube, vine, etc, people like to at the very least document what they experience, if not share it to the world. As a media professional with a background in television, there’s on […]

Week 2 – Response to: The Fable of the User-Centered Designer

  I sort of loved this reading. The content was great, and well laid out (good reader experience?). But, mostly, I loved the idea of taking a childhood story structure and replacing the lesson learned with something relevant to a group of adults today (like this example, technology designers). I’m sure this isn’t the first […]