Week 1: Design Analysis

  I’ve always loved Hatch Print’s show posters, popularized in Nashville and eventually made for venues all over the United States. So, I decided to analyze one of them, from a Johnny Cash poster in Minneapolis. I hope it’s not considered taking the ‘easy route’, but since these posters were made using a screen printer, […]

Week 1 – Physical Interaction

Both Chris Crawford and Bret Victor’s writing have altered my thoughts on physical interaction. I’ll probably consider their messages well beyond the writing of this blog entry. I think my definition still needs finessing, but it goes something like this: Physical interaction is a conversation between two or more parties that utilizes a human’s inherited […]

Week 1 – The Scent Interface

  Jaclyn Wickham, Sergio Mora-Diaz and I revolutionized media consumption last week when we invented the Scent Interface. We’ve developed a way to store every scent known to man in a small scent distributor that attaches behind one’s ear on a wearable device. The ‘intensifer’ helps to add or take away the amount you’d like […]

ICM – Week 1 – My Starry Night

      I have some programming experience in Java, so I had the idea of wanting to at least push myself to write something where I could utilize a ‘for’ statement to repeat a shape. For some reason, much to the chagrin of art lovers, I decided to re-make Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Firstly, […]

‘As we may think’ – Response

  Vannevar Bush’s article, As We May Think, is a very interesting glance into the state of technological and scientific evolution directly after the Second World War. It gives insight into how a very informed and intelligent individual forms his ideas about what the future will look like. I was fascinated at how close Bush […]

Networked Media: Net.art

Here is my attempt at net.art, though I’m not positive I’ve abided by the constructs: