Week 4: JSON

  Here is my attempt at utilizing JSON. There was a meme generator, that, upon refresh, randomly generates 10 meme phrases in an array. I found three inspiring photos, and with a touch of a button, the user can load a new meme phrase until they have it just right.   ENJOY!

Week 4 – Making music with Arduino

  So, I did a few things with audio and the arduino in the past week, following our in class lab. As a musician, what is possible with the Arduino in that regard fascinates me, so I thought I would focus on that. First, I took the expanded part of the lab (where we use […]

Week 3 – Typography

  All of my fonts are sourced from dafont.com, a site I’ve used ever since I started looking for fonts in my youth.   Now, all of them together, looking fun, strong, and stylish:   For my expressive word, I don’t know why ‘ESCALATOR’ resonated with me…it’s not like I have a history with the […]

Week 3 – Observation

  I thought I would consider the use of the subway, specifically the turnstile to get into the subway. It seems like a simple enough process: swipe your metrocard, the display tells you that you’re allowed to pass, then you go through the turnstile to the subway platform. I would at least assume that the […]

Week 3 – Master’s Degree

  Web video, and the ability to mimic it via javascript is very interesting to me, so I wanted to delve right into the video options. I edited together a little video really quickly for fun, and I just didn’t really know how to begin to do too much to the video itself. In theory, […]

My Experience: MP3 Experiment by Improv Everywhere

  For my experience, I was tasked to head to Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn to partake in the 11th annual MP3 Experiment, hosted by Improv Everywhere. We were supplied with an mp3 in advance, and asked not to listen to it. Thousands of people gathered just outside of the park, and at exactly 6pm, […]

Week 2 – Signage

  This week we had the unenviable task of WALKING AROUND NYC. We had to find good and bad examples of signage, and a by-product of that was really paying attention to all of our surroundings, and what this city has to offer us. I realized there was a really great beer store right across the […]

Week 2 – Lab practice – The Nuts and Bolts of it

A fun week of making circuits and beginning to work with the Arduino software! Following class last week, I utilized the RGB LED supplied with our Arduino kit because it immediately seemed cool that we could control the amount of each RGB level and thus change the color. So, I added potentiometers to each channel […]

Week 2: Interactive Animation

  Nick Bratton and I decided to start by making a version of a game that many of us probably played growing up: Pong! It seems to be the natural progression when starting to do an interactive animation (especially considering the bouncing ball examples). We fairly quickly got the gist of the game, minus the […]

Week 2 – Animation Program

For making an animation program, I wanted to accomplish two things: 1) I wanted to get an idea of what would go into make photoshop. 2) I wanted to make it very web compatible, meaning it re-sizes as your window grows or shrinks. So, I learned about displayWidth/displayHeight, which is pretty dynamic and awesome (though […]