Midterm project – Foodprint

  Foodprint is a recipe finding app that creates a meal itinerary with zero-waste. The algorithm is still a work in progress, but the design has now been put in place with this midterm. It’s a simple three page layout. The first page is the ‘Planner’ page where you schedule how many meals you’d like […]

NYC: 2050 update

  NYC: 2050 – a short film outlining a day in the life of a family in Manhattan. That’s been our start point for the film, and we’ve been working through the process quickly…probably more quickly than ideal, due to deliverables for our Non-linear storytelling class. David and I are working together, and are both […]

Final Project Ideas/Proposal: The World in 2050

  I’ve been fairly obsessed for awhile on what the future will look like, but based on fact and scenario planning and well-informed opinions, not by sci-fi and Hollywood movies. I’m curious what our generation will experience, what our grand children will experience, and what is a reasonable, informed hypothesis about how the world will […]

Midterm Ideas

  Midterm ideas:   I haven’t been incredibly successful with the homework assignments thus far, but learning about what we’re able to do with the technology has inspired me to think of ideas! I will outline some now.   1)    Zero-waste cooking app. This certainly be for everyone, but I think there’s a better way […]

Week 6 midterm presentation – the Pathogenometer

  For our first assignment, I chose fresh water. It’s a very broad topic, with so many different topics and areas of interest within it. Privatization, inaccessibility, virtual water and bottled water are all issues I gravitated towards. As I read, and at least thought I formed a project idea, I was asking myself many questions […]

Week 5: The Water Boiling Guide

  I know this is last minute to change projects, but for weeks I had not been happy with my developing nations drinking water concept, and after debating between that and two other ideas, I’ve decided to change. I will attempt to re-contact my experts (or new experts) to get their opinions, but I am […]

Week 5: Guerilla Gardening Leverage Points

Group project with Crystal, Ludfi, and Nick. Extreme thanks to Crystal for the graphic treatment. Our points, both generally for the problem and specifically what Ron is doing is below: 12. Constants, parameters, numbers   Space for gardens, water access for growth, soil, labour time, driving distance to healthy food They are increasing the amount […]

Week 3: Experts and dirty water

  After getting frustrated over my system maps from last week, I needed to try to focus my research/thinking and find out more information about what I was most interested in. I knew I was most interested in drinking water and the unsanitary conditions worldwide. The statistics have been well documented by the World Health […]

Week 2: Concept for VidFlip

  The connected world takes and shares videos of what they experience like it’s air they’re breathing in. Whether it’s on instagram, facebook, youtube, vine, etc, people like to at the very least document what they experience, if not share it to the world. As a media professional with a background in television, there’s on […]

Week 2 – Response to: The Fable of the User-Centered Designer

  I sort of loved this reading. The content was great, and well laid out (good reader experience?). But, mostly, I loved the idea of taking a childhood story structure and replacing the lesson learned with something relevant to a group of adults today (like this example, technology designers). I’m sure this isn’t the first […]