Week 1: Response to Living on a Stream

FYI, my self portrait site is here. The Living on a Stream article is interesting, it makes you consider how far living streaming has come, and encouraged me to get my thinking cap on and thinking about what is going to become important and successful and good when the future of streaming is realized (i.e. […]

HH Week 1 – ATtiny85

  My first week back to physical computing, and I already spent most my time troubleshooting and having nothing work! For small projects in this class, I plan on having some fun with microcontrollers and sensors. My first idea has been about shaming people in bathrooms who don’t wash their hands (it’s way more of […]

Final Project – NYC:2050 – Final (ish) thoughts

  This week has been spent on getting other final projects that fell by the wayside up to snuff, but I am going back into NYC:2050 mode like crazy before Friday’s screening in Non-linear Storytelling. I am proud of the work we’ve done thus far, I’m pretty happy with the outcome, and I view it […]

Hidden Voice – an AR story in development

  What if a film could play out around you in your bedroom, and, depending on how you respond, the story will be customized for your experience? The above question isn’t something that’s just easy to make possible…technical hurdles abound as it stands right now, particularly with my learning coding skill set. However, the technology […]

Week 12 update – main shooting done, editing starting

  We shot on Thursday, Sunday, and Tuesday, with significant prep on Saturday and Monday, so it’s basically been a week of shooting. It feels like my old life of TV production. We have a bit more b-roll to film, but I’m pretty happy with the shoots, for the most part. The thing about trying […]

Final Project pre-shooting paperwork fun

  We begin shooting NYC:2050 on Thursday, and go Thursday-Sunday and hopefully get most of it out of the way, besides lots of archival footage and random b-roll to continuously shoot in different weather conditions. The script has been back and forth with us about 6 times now, and I’m feeling pretty good about it. […]

Final Project Ideas

  For my final project, I was (am still?) keen on creating an mobile app that will work towards minimizing waste. My big plan of Foodprint is still a work in process, and an app would only be the first step. I could work on developing learning/recognition algorithms for buying/selecting behavior, and it would hopefully […]

Coconuts: Using TI Sensor Tag with phonegap

  After stressing for weeks about humans destroying the planet, and focusing on how to write an interactive film and make an app for food waste dedicated to that cause, this past week I wanted to do something silly and fun. Monty Python is a good place to start for that. I was trying to […]

NYC: 2050 – x/y grid and leverage points

  The above graph was part of the in-class assignment for me last week. A little bit uncertain of how to apply this to a short film, I thought about what I was most struggling with. Besides figuring out the style of the film (which is now pretty much set in stone), I’ve struggled with […]

  We’ve been through many different ideas and mock scripts this week, and we’re getting closer, we just haven’t hit the right thing yet. Our limitations/obstructions for a film are making it difficult to find the right thing that can be shown, not told. We know that: – We don’t have the budget/ability to show […]