Sensory Wall Updates – Getting close


This project has progressed slowly due to the size of it, but I’ve also never worked so hard on an ITP project. Going into the week for the first deadline (Homemade Hardware for the circuits), here is where we’re at:

- The animal shapes have been cut out on the CNC – it took over 7 hours with technical glitches. I few need to be redone, but they mostly came out well.

- The magnetic board and all materials for the circuits have arrived.

- The graphics are being printed tomorrow (Monday, Dec. 7) in Toronto on vinyl with an adhesive backing and laminate cover. It’s being expressed shipped to NYC. Thanks Dad!

- The circuits have been mostly designed, and I’ve done some test milling. Not surprisingly, it’s been very hard to size the circuits exactly right for all of the animals (particularly the small ones with small parts to them). All the prototypes of the circuits have worked well except the audio which has given me lots of problems. Still trying to finalize that.

- Wood will be picked up from Prince Lumber Monday or Tuesday for the frame of the board. It can’t exactly be used until the graphics are put on the board, but it’ll be good to have everything ready.

I think we’re in good shape, I truly hope to make all deadlines. As soon as the printed graphics arrive,¬†and I get the circuits inside the objects, things will really start taking shape.

Here is the mock up of how it will look (minus the descriptions):


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