CNC Project – Vectorworks sketch and Mastercam work


For an RGB LED light I made for Homemade Hardware, I want to make a lighting enclosure for it. There are many potentiometers, switches, and an LCD display on the back of it, and 100 neopixels in the front. Here is my first attempt at this, and this part only goes to screen position, and then I’d like a white material to extend beyond the lights to protect them and help disperse the light.

Here is the Vectorworks design, top plan, slightly offset top angle, and isometric angle:


And I had some problems with Mastercam and not sure it’s working correctly (It may actually be too high for most material. But here is my completed Mastercam file with all my toolpaths made. I exported the G-code and it may be ready to go for the CNC router!

IMG_1954 IMG_2013

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