Eco Friendly Light Panel


I spent a lot of time this week considering what I was going to make. It hasn’t been the easiest process for me, not because I don’t think of a bunch of ideas, but because I seem to always want to address a need of my own, and because I’d like it to fall in line with my personal goals. I want to try to work with eco-friendly materials as much as possible, and that’s been my first challenge…finding the material I’d like to laser cut. I really want to work with glass at some point in the semester, but that’s not ideal for the laser cutter.

I was at Maker Faire on the weekend, and came across the Ecovative’s presentation for Myco Foam – essentially mushroom packaging. It was inspiring and cool, and I immediately wanted to work with it and see what I can do. I checked and our laser cutter can cut it! I bought this bag of growing material that I’ll need to make over the next week. So, I know the material, now need the idea.


I spent a lot of time looking around my apartment¬†around the floor, and thinking about what I could use that’s currently made with materials that are not very friendly to the environment. Picture frames? Small appliances? Everything seemed a little forced, and I figured it would probably have to be decorative.

But, Danny saying that the challenge last year was to make a lighting fixture, and Danielle Trofe’s lighting products made from myco form got me thinking that that was a very plausible project. But then, I thought I should take it a step further, and make something I need – which is decent, affordable lighting for video projects. I thought I could combine it with my Homemade Hardware circuit design and make a series of controlled RGB LED lights and experiment trying to make a decent light panel where I’d be able to have control over the color temperature.

The LED lights should be able to be surrounded by the myco foam and be fine as it’s fireproof and an insulator. Maybe I can make some barn doors out of the myco foam as well to be able to direct the light. I plan on having it all in a small myco foam box that can be controlled on the back.

Here are some preliminary sketches of the front and back. It will be approximately 3″ thick.



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