Week 12 update – main shooting done, editing starting


We shot on Thursday, Sunday, and Tuesday, with significant prep on Saturday and Monday, so it’s basically been a week of shooting. It feels like my old life of TV production.

We have a bit more b-roll to film, but I’m pretty happy with the shoots, for the most part. The thing about trying to show New YorkĀ in 2050 was we really wanted to do the showing. And it’s been tough without any type of budget and limited time. So, I’ve been really big on details, and in some shots there are so many different little details between the ‘best case’ future and the ‘worst case’ one. I just worry the viewers aren’t going to get it. As it’s a commercial advertising how great NYC is in 2050 regardless of the circumstance, the changes are subtle, and we spent a lot of time deciding now to hit people over the head with obvious changes. I’m just worried the sentiment won’t get across.

Here’s the first scene we shot on Thursday. The interface is going to be much more advanced and obvious if you’re in the best case or worst case. As well, the image will look different in it’s color treatment. There are a couple of versions here, trying to figure out the best method for close ups while talking to the camera, and to figure out the right tone for the worst case scenario. There are also ‘behind-the-scenes’ shots in between…we have plannedĀ that at various points the viewer can check out behind the scenes, which reveals what the actors are really feeling (interface not working yet, so ‘cut’ just pauses it). I don’t think that’s going to fully pan out, as we just sort of felt like every cut way the same type of thing – ‘it’s hot, that’s not true’ etc.

Anyways, we’ll be working all this week on editing and interface, and I’ll have something to show in class!

  • Marina Zurkow says:

    you have done a TON of work and I look forward to seeing this. I can’t really say much more! If you have questions or want feedback, let me know and show me some more material?

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