Coconuts: Using TI Sensor Tag with phonegap


After stressing for weeks about humans destroying the planet, and focusing on how to write an interactive film and make an app for food waste dedicated to that cause, this past week I wanted to do something silly and fun.

Monty Python is a good place to start for that.

I was trying to think about what to do with an accelerometer that wasn’t in your phone, but interacts with your phone. I suppose this could still happen in your phone, but this way you can look at the Monty Python photos and show off the audio more clearly, while you’re galloping around.

The premise is to erase the need to carry the coconuts, in this clip:

YouTube Preview Image

Because sometimes it’s hard to have an extra guy follow you around and carry coconuts all the time.

So, a Texas Instrument Sensor tag sits in your pocket, you hold you phone in your hand, you start the app, and when you start to gallop, the horse gallop begins. Just like that, you are a fierce and brave knight going to battle.

So, this:


Plus this:


Equals this:


It’s magic really. Hopefully some real documentation of this bizarre but functional idea soon!

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