Midterm project – Foodprint

  Foodprint is a recipe finding app that creates a meal itinerary with zero-waste. The algorithm is still a work in progress, but the design has now been put in place with this midterm. It’s a simple three page layout. The first page is the ‘Planner’ page where you schedule how many meals you’d like […]

NYC: 2050 update

  NYC: 2050 – a short film outlining a day in the life of a family in Manhattan. That’s been our start point for the film, and we’ve been working through the process quickly…probably more quickly than ideal, due to deliverables for our Non-linear storytelling class. David and I are working together, and are both […]

Final Project Ideas/Proposal: The World in 2050

  I’ve been fairly obsessed for awhile on what the future will look like, but based on fact and scenario planning and well-informed opinions, not by sci-fi and Hollywood movies. I’m curious what our generation will experience, what our grand children will experience, and what is a reasonable, informed hypothesis about how the world will […]

Midterm Ideas

  Midterm ideas:   I haven’t been incredibly successful with the homework assignments thus far, but learning about what we’re able to do with the technology has inspired me to think of ideas! I will outline some now.   1)    Zero-waste cooking app. This certainly be for everyone, but I think there’s a better way […]

Week 6 midterm presentation – the Pathogenometer

  For our first assignment, I chose fresh water. It’s a very broad topic, with so many different topics and areas of interest within it. Privatization, inaccessibility, virtual water and bottled water are all issues I gravitated towards. As I read, and at least thought I formed a project idea, I was asking myself many questions […]