A look at the Accelorometer

  As much as I’d like to get my mind off of the sensor I’ve used for my physical computing final, it makes sense to investigate and discuss the accelerometer. It has both allowed me to realize my idea for my final project, but has also been the bane of my existence.   I’m using […]

Beatwalker – Post for Final Presentation

Beatwalker provides the soundtrack of your life through dynamically changing music that responds, in real time, to your movements.   We fantasize about what the soundtrack of our lives would sound like: often times a beautifully crafted orchestra that reflects our daily activities not unlike a film’s musical score. Beatwalker realizes this aspiration for the […]

Beatwalker – user testing

User questions for tomorrow: 1) What sensation are you getting when you put it on? 2) How do you expect the interaction to begin? 3) Do you wish it would play off of other movements more? Without being more intrusive. 4) Was the volume OK?   (See previous blog post for full update).  

Beatwalker – Updates

Beatwalker is coming along swimmingly! The synth shield, the Fluxamasynth, has worked quite well. There’s been a learning curve for coding music with it, and the delay function to incorporate beats was a large hurdle as it was interfering with other processes, but I have the individual elements working and now I just need to […]

The Twitter Universe

  The Twitter Universe project was a struggle to make come together. I delved into learning about a very complicated and hard to parse API, Twitter, without maybe having the technical ability to do so. It was a learning experience, but mostly it was frustrating. I went back and forth from Processing libraries Twitter4J, to […]