Beatwalker – System Diagram and update

  This has been the craziest week of my life, so I didn’t make the advancements I would’ve wanted, but here is my system diagram:   This was a helpful exercise to think about the different points where the interaction is going to change, and the exact outcome. I know the variable I need to […]

P-Comm final – progress, BOM, timeline

  It was a busy week of ordering my parts, and a slow week of waiting for them to send. I read the manual on the prized item, the Fluxamasynth Shield, but until it arrives, I can’t get to figuring out how this song can be put together, thus forming the ideas of what I […]

ICM – Final Project Proposal – The Twitter Universe

The Universe Beyond Twitter is an interactive re-creation of our solar system, but the sizes of each planets are altered to represent the proportionate scale of the top trending stories on Twitter.   With large news stories happening in Toronto and Canada, and all the social media buzz that resulted from that, I became fascinated […]