Week 8: Beatwalker info

I’ve looked around online and done some research to figure out the best components to use for the Beatwalker. The main parts are going to consist of a project box that will contain a GinSing synth shield, a very small Arduino to interpret the step counting and brain activity details, and an accelerometer or pedometer. […]

Final project proposal

Beatwalker: The soundtrack of your life     I’ve had this idea for quite some time, and I feel like I’d be able to realize it (at least the first iteration of it) through my final P-comp assignment.   It has been considered time and time again: what would the soundtrack of your life sound […]

Week 6 – Colors

  Since we were working in Processing this week, I really wanted to make something interactive. I wanted the user to be able to select the color, and then see the corresponding colors as well.   After experimenting with many different things, and seeing what I can do with hue, saturation, and brightness ranges, I […]

Week 6 – Midterm Project

THE LAUGHER! The concept of the laugher (working title) was to see to what degree laughing is contagious. If a human besides you laughs, there’s a chance, should you be in the right mood, that you yourself will laugh. Can the same be said about a computer?   Koen and I did some basic research on […]

Week 6/7 – Final Project

  In 2011, I produced/directed a music video for the band I played in, Little City. It was meant to be sort of an ‘ode to Toronto’ – four cyclists with cameras mounted on their heads weave their way through downtown Toronto, crossing paths and interacting with one another and their surroundings. At the end […]

Week 5 – ITP Logo

The challenge: design a new logo for ITP. The current logo: So, the first thing that strikes me about the old logo are the ‘radio waves’ coming from the ‘i’. Not a bad idea, but analog frequencies are so 20th century! The issue I have with the entire challenge is that I don’t think ‘ITP: […]

Week 5 – Favorite logo

I mentioned this in week 1, my love for the Toronto Blue Jays logo. So I figured I should blog about it! So here is the timeline of the Toronto Blue Jays logo. The very first one was a keeper for nearly 20 years! The name ‘Blue Jays’ was selected from 2000 submissions for possible […]

Week 5 – Servers and Servi

Oh hey. This week I made a blog posting site. But! The catch is, instead of offering the standard ‘write about whatever’ this week, I provided 10 questions, randomly chosen, to inspire the writer to write about something that happened to them in the last week. Enjoy!

Week 4 – My ‘Business’ Card

  My business card really lends itself to a more professional execution than what I was able to muster in the past week (for an affordable price). I am really confident in my idea, but also aware my final project looks like a primary grade school project. Cutting perfect circles is hard! But the idea […]

Week 4: JSON

  Here is my attempt at utilizing JSON. There was a meme generator, that, upon refresh, randomly generates 10 meme phrases in an array. I found three inspiring photos, and with a touch of a button, the user can load a new meme phrase until they have it just right.   ENJOY!